Scrum Games outside IT world

It’s easy to talk about scrum, but there should always be a practical aspect to learning. For developers, showing scrum is easy, but how to demonstrate the methodology outside IT domain?

LEGO City – I think that’s the most popular workshop, however it has hudge downside. Unless you have a kid, you probably don’t have a ton of LEGOs laying around and  buying them just for the workshop is way too expensive. Let’s try to find a cheeper way. What I like about building a lego city is that each team can have a different responsibility (a different capability of the city) to deliver. For example:

  • a city should have a public transportation (buses, bus station, bus stops, etc.)
  • a city should have a beutiful landscapes
  • a city should be entertaining (parks, theater,  tenis courts, etc.)

Video-Scrum – I think I like this idea the best. The goal is to create a video on assigned topic and upload it to youtube. Producing a video has just enough complexity to show how following scrum can help. The benefit of this method is that it’s very cheep (anyone this days has a smartphone) and it easy to come up with a topic that won’t scare your audience. For example:

  • it can be an eductional video explaining a topic in physics
  • story behind a historical event (or its consequences)
  • a promotional video for a depatment in office

MyToy –  I found this interesting, however my biggest problem with this workshop is that it lacks a strong product owner and this is the most important thing in whole scrum. Without a well defined goal, this can be a lot of fun, but not sure if end result will be any good.

Children Book – Goldielocks Iterations  – Create a “ready to publish’ book best on a childens tale. I really like the idea – there is so many details that need to be taken care of, that is shows very well how to create and manage your backlog. Great idea – but target your audience carefully.


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